Photoshop update

So Photoshop auto updates now, which is good. But they don’t overwrite the last version, which I have mixed feelings about.

  1. Good - If I don’t like the new I can still use the old.
  2. Bad - I have to reinstall my actions and brushes
  3. Bad - Photoshop doesn’t update the file defaults to the new photoshop so if I open a jpg, it opens it in the old photoshop. I have to go in and muck with windows settings. And because photoshop, whatever the version is doesn’t change it’s name from photoshop.exe, windows thinks it already has the right program as the default, so ‘open with’ will even bring up the old photoshop when I choose the new app executable in the open with browse interface. How hard is it to just update the default programs or ask to when you first open it after it installs.