PixelSploiting on DeviantArt - Several Freebies

Just browsing a little bit of DeviantArt this morning and saw this post from PixelSploiting

Plugin Limbs G8M by PixelSploiting

This is offered for free which I haven’t used but I thought was pretty amazing and then found that they have actually several things they are offering for free and thought I would share, be sure to follow and thank them. I know Serene my get use out of a few of these especially.

PlugIn Limbs G8F

Holo Torc and Visor

Holo Choker for Daz Studio G8M and G8F


very cool. I’m going to check it out. Android parts for men are few and far between.


After having bought the android parts released on DAZ within the past week I can unequivocally say PixelSploiting’s offerings are MUCH MUCH better.