Power Paint color and palette maker for ZBrush and all your apps

Our new product at Artstation as Artistic Squad: www.artstation.com/a/10451664

Power Paint is a suite of color tools for choosing and building color palettes, to be used inside ZBrush for polypaint, and with any other 2D or 3D app.

It’s a standalone application that you can run independently and use it with any program. We also include a ZBrush plugin so you can run it from ZBrush anytime.

REQUIREMENTS: Windows 10, 32 or 64 bits. If used for ZBrush, Windows 10, 64 bits, and ZBrush 2021.6 and above.


  • Create randomly generated palettes of grayed, dark, vibrant or pastel colors.
  • Create gradient palettes from your selected color to the complementary, black, gray, or white. This way you can pick a more dark or light color inside the same color shade, ideal for painters.
  • Keep the app always on top or not as you wish just clicking an icon.
  • 5 always at hand permanent palettes that are stored and remembered with up to 500 colors in total.
  • Color history that displays the colors that you have selected, which can be selected again if you wish and saved to a palette.
  • Send color to ZBrush, fill directly your subtools, batch fill all visible subtools, and other ZBrush actions.
  • Save unlimited palettes with the export and import buttons, or copy them as text to the clipboard.
  • Copy and Paste a full palette to another palette.
  • Use 4 color pickers for choosing colors: Circle, Editor, a big Screen Picker with magnified precise view, or Color Cube.
  • Edit your colors with the Editor anytime, or pick them with the Circle or Color Cube, or from the screen with the Screen Picker
  • Copy the Hex or R,G,B values just clicking
  • Collapsible interface so it takes little space on the screen if you wish
  • Tutorial in PDF and video included!

A must have for any 2D or 3D artist, and for ZBrush polypainters!


You can also watch the complete process of modeling this toon palette and using Power Paint for coloring in our Youtube channel: