Product Review: Face Mojo

More a first impression than a full review

The product itself is so simple that there’s nothing at all wrong with it. Very simple to use. I mean ridiculously simple. There are no bells and whistles. This does one thing:

Convert fbx files into facial animations for a specific Genesis figure.

And it does it.

It’s really the program you use to create the fbx file that matters. As near as I can tell, there are a few options out there. The app I tested with “Face Cap” is not great. - didn’t seem to capture my Dwayne Johnson eyebrow raise/scrunch.

Don’t buy all four of these, unless you’re going to use it enough to justify it. You probably already have a g8/g3 preference and a character converter.

Based on a quick impression, this is looking like a shoo-in for a must have.