Random Commmisioned Art

I don’t take commissions. Every once in a while someone sends me a private message asking for something custom. I won’t send a nude image in a message, so these end up in my DA gallery.

This guy asked me to create their 6’11 120lb 38-15-36 OC. Everything about this offends me but I’m not going to engage anyone in a conversation about their misogynistic and unrealistic expectations. 6’11 with 38 inch bust, you’re 190 lbs even with a 15’ waist. Also you can’t stand up without a back brace. So, to passive agressively assert some distaste, I added a dweller with a penis to the scene.

Anyway, I did the request.

I also got a request from a guy asking for a couple in full frontal nudity in a shower. The guy had the audacity to complain the cock was too big - dude, if I’m giving the girl HH-cup breasts, the guy gets a third leg.

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:smile: Good onyer.

How come you won’t send a nude image in a message? I would post it too though if I made it unless they pay me for all rights as well.

I’ve had a couple of requests for commissions over the years, and I’ve always turned them down. I do my art for me, and the moment I start doing my art for somebody else then this hobby becomes a job and that’s not something I’m interested in doing.

I don’t send nudes in DeviantArt messages because I don’t know the person on the other end is an adult. If I just post it to my gallery, I can rely on the mature content filter to keep anyone honest about their age from seeing inappropriate stuff.

I see “commissions” like this as challenges. I’m not getting paid, so it’s more request than commission. I would totally do it for money - if the money were good enough, but artists make pennies and database programmers make a healthy salary.

So do Information Security consultants. :wink:

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