Recommended purchase for newbies

I came across this Female hair product on the Daz store this week and thought it was a really good value for money purchase.

It is designed for Gen 3 models but I’ve not had too many problems getting it to work nicely with Gen 8 figures.

There are many ways to combine the different elements of the hair to get very different looks.

Currently it is only $14.38 (with a 52% discount) so for someone just starting out (like me) with not limitless pockets (like me) I think its a steal!

Got me thinking to what other products people really rate as in the ‘bang for buck’ stakes that would be good for new people on a buget to spend their cash on first.

Another product that caught my eye as good value is this clothing ensamble

I have not purchased this one yet so can’t specifically recommend it but from the description and sample screen shots it looks to do a lot (and is designed for Gen 8 models), at only $13.42 another bargin me thinks.

Would be interested to hear of any similar bargin products that other have purchased.




Hi! Sorry I did not post a response to this earlier. I myself still consider myself fairly new still as it’s been less than a year for me as well, but I’ve learned a lot in the 7-8 months I’ve been doing this and I would say the biggest thing for me is there are a ton of freebies to be had, you just might have to do some searching. It was months before I realized that there are a lot of people out there who have made clothes, hair, objects, scripts, and so on and have openly shared them for people. So it’s best to ask around or like you, posting something like this. I mainly render men so I am probably not the best one to ask about the female side of things but always check sites like:


Renderotica - Explicit Content


DAZ Fourms - Freebies

Deviantart - Mainly to showcase art, but you can find freebies as well

HDRI Haven - Free HDRI

Texture Haven - Free Textures

3D Model Haven - Free 3D Model (Objects and Furniture)

That has been my biggest thing is some of these random freebies have helped me more keep moving on than randomly buying stuff that later I realized maybe I didn’t need. Reading research on items also really helps and watching tutorials helps a ton. So hopefully in-between researching and purchasing I hope as newbies everyone takes time and does some “thrift store/discount shopping” as I like to call it, cause there are plenty of bargains to be had.


25 years doing this shit (15 with Studio) and how have I never heard of 3D Model Haven! Holy cow! Thank you for sharing. :slight_smile:

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I literally just found out about it like 3 or 4 days ago myself.

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Also just read on their Patreon site…which obviously isn’t necessary but helps them keep building…they are eventually making one full site for all 3 havens together for a mass free haven site. So their patreon site is actually for all 3 of those sites, if you join the $5 tier you can actually link to their cloud and have access to any of their stuff at anytime you need it instead of downloading things one by one…so I would say that would be a HUGE win for a newbie.

Poly Haven Patreon Site - Overview of what it’s about