Renderosity First Impressions for March 26, 2021

Renderosity First Impressions for March 26, 2021

These are some of my first impressions from Renderosity releases over the past few weeks. In no particular order.

Not everything released is listed here. Just those items I think are interesting or are worthy of listing.

DZ G8M BootZ 2

This is a pair of spiked boots from DZheng for your G8M characters.

They come with 8 different color options and complement most of DZheng’s other releases. Of course it should be easy for you to re-texture them yourself with any other Iray leather shaders you might have.


Little Girl dForce clothing for G8F

I fell in love with this oversized sweatshirt dress outfit for G8F from fefecoolyellow the moment I saw it.

It looked fun, whimsical, and practical and I can’t wait to try out its dforce draping to see how it simulates and drapes on my figures.

It comes with 13 different Iray materials. No movement or adjustment morphs are provided. This outfit is 100% designed to be dforce simulated.


KrashWerks HANNAH for Genesis 8 Female

This is a new, young, European female character for G8F from KrashWerks.

It’s no secret. I have a thing for KrashWerk’s women. They don’t look like bimbos. They don’t look like Barbie dolls. Anyway, “HANNAH” is no different. Aside from being a young, white woman, she unique and different enough where I think she’s worth buying.

This release comes with separate head, body, lashes, and nipple presets. 8 makeup options. 8 eye shaders, 8 nail shaders, 8 lip shaders. eyelash length, and genital maps.


VYK Separates - dForce Alouette Top

Alouette, gentille alouette, Alouette, je te plumerai.

Je te plumerai la tête. Je te plumerai la tête. Et la tête! Et la tête! Alouette, Alouette!

Sorry. Couldn’t resist. That was the first thing that popped into my head when I saw this. :slight_smile:

This is a cute ruffled top for G8F/ G8.1F from Vykhtoria that should be in every girls’ closet and I knew I wanted this the moment I saw it.

It includes 10 material presets and lots of movement and adjustment morphs for your character’s breast and chest size to make the perfect fit. And since it’s dforce enabled, it will flow and drape naturally no matter her pose.


JMR dForce Lisa Sportswear for G8F

This is a sportswear outfit for G8F from JaMaRe.

This outfit is designed to auto-fit on most of your characters and includes FBMs for most of the most popular figures. Since it’s dforce enabled the outfit also should behave nicely with your figures’ poses.

I was drawn to this outfit because it’s an everyday sight to see women walking around the city dressed in sportswear. Usually going to or from the gym. So having an outfit that could work in most different casual situations appealed to me.

Sure, she could be working out. But she could also be at the pharmacy or grocery store picking something up! Or maybe she just finished a tennis lesson with her trainer and is now gossiping with her girlfriend over a drink afterwards. You get the idea.


That’s it for today. Until next time, please be kind to yourself and your neighbor.