Renderosity New Releases for February 1, 2021

Renderosity New Releases for February 1, 2021

:walking_woman: SuperHero Down for G3F Volume 11 – Pose set for G3F.

:dress: VERSUS - dforce Pretty Knitty2 G8F – Additional materials for the dforce Pretty Knitty2 G8F.

:womans_hat: 18THC Hats - Bicorne1 Part 1 for G8F – Additional materials for the 18THC Hats - Bicorne1.

:blonde_woman: Touchable Electro – Additional materials for the dForce Electro Hair by Daz Originals and RedzStudio.

:art: Sexy Skinz - Just the Tops Vol 02 – Set of GeoShell-based tops for G8F.

:womens: Super Geometry / Plus Size - Full Body Morphs G8F – Plus-size morphs for G8F.

:open_umbrella: Morning Commute Umbrella – Umbrellla prop for Studio.

:art: NM Top Shell – Geometry Shell-based wardrobe for G8F.

:dress: Work to Weekend for Basics 5 for Dawn – Additional materials for the Basics 5 for Dawn.

:dress: Remake Lyrical G8F – Additional materials for the Lyrical dForce dress for Genesis 8 Females.

I do not like this emerging trend of β€œgeoshell clothing”.

Other than a pose-set, plus-size morphs, and umbrella prop, there really isn’t anything new or original released this morning.

I don’t consider β€œgeoshell wardrobe” items to either be new or original. Personally, they feel like a giant step-back to me.

With geoshell it working for g8.1 I am not sure it is good timing to market those outfits.

At this point I might not buy anything until the next true generation of Gen. Seems all messy right now. I suppose buying stuff for G8 not.1 is still viable, but I’m hesitant to buy g8.1 specific stuff yet.

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