Renderosity New Releases for February 12, 2021

Renderosity New Releases for February 12, 2021

OOT PBR Texture Styles for Gate Guardian — Alternate materials for the Gate Guardian for Genesis 8 Male(s).

DZ G8M UnionSuitZ - Texture Add-On — Alternate materials for the DZ G8M JumpSuitZ2 - UnionSuitZ.

Karl for Genesis 8 Male — New young, male, European character for G8M.

Simply Express It Genesis 8.1F — Expression and eye movement pose dials for G8¹F.

DELAGE D8S 1932 for DAZ — Roadster/ convertible vehicle for Studio.

Lovelies- Kitty Lingerie OOT — Additional materials for the dForce Kitty Lingerie for Genesis 8 Female(s).

Cybergirl AddON — Head props for G8F and Cybergirl.

Lost in You dForce clothing for G8F — Long dress for G8F.

Elegant Living — Formal neoclassical drawing room set/ environment for Studio.

SuperHero Impact for V4 Volume 4 — Pose set for Victoria 4.

dforce - Passion Heart Lingerie — Teddy & robe for G8F.

Touchable Ayaan — Additional materials for Ayaan Hair.

EA Capri Outfit ABSTRACTS Mix-n-Match Styles for Genesis 8 Female — Additional materials for the EA Capri Outfit for Genesis 8 Female(s).

InStyle - dforce - Passion Heart - G8F — Additional materials for the dforce - Passion Heart Lingerie - Genesis 8.

RAPIER DUEL Add On for Genesis 8 Female — Pose set for the RAPIER DUEL MEGAPACK for Genesis 8 Female.

Clone Lab for Daz Studio — Sci-fi set/ environment for Studio.

Nightflyers- Sexy Uniform — Headband, collar, skirt, shirt, and stockings outfit for G8F.

SithlordSims is one of those PAs that I’ll pretty much buy up anything he releases. I’ve always found his characters and textures to be both unique and of a high quality. I pretty much own everything he’s ever released and will be buying this character this weekend.

I mean, seriously? What the ever loving fuck?

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Yeah I bought Kyle and rendering him as we speak actually, and I’m the same, his stuff is good. I saw that he posted a few pics of him on Deviant Art before he released him and then posted about him. What I love about his DA page is that he tries and lists everything he uses in the picture so you can achieve the same look if you want. like the stubble he used is actually that free devil may cry stubble that someone had made and he has used that on Kyle and Pedro…it actually works really good.

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