Renderosity New Releases for February 3, 2021

Renderosity New Releases for February 3, 2021

:dress: Street Cat Suit for G8F – I’m not sure what street a woman would be allowed to wear this on but okay.

:dancer: Sleep Pose – Pose set for G8m and G8F sleeping. Looks useful!

:dress: Fashion Pretty Knitty2 G8F – Additional materials for the dforce Pretty Knitty2 G8F.

:dress: EA Bodysuit Collection 01 for Genesis 8/ 8.1 Female(s) – Bodysuit for G8F/ G8ΒΉF.

:womens: Annie For G8F – New, young, European character for G8F.

:house: Industrial Pack / Cottage – Industrial β€œcottage” set/ environment for Studio, Blender, and Unity.

:sparkles: 3WC Fire Safety - Fire Hose Reel – Poseable fire hose reel prop for Studio and Poser.

:racehorse: FL-RD Bejeweled-n-Glossed for the HW Horse – Additional materials for the HiveWire Horse.

:blonde_woman: Touchable Robin – Additional materials for the Robin Hair by SWAM.

:house: SciFi bedroom kit for DS4 – Sci-fi bedroom set/ environment for Studio.

:dress: Sexy Uniform dForce outfit for G8F – Skirt, top, collar, stocking, and headband for G8F.

:dress: Beautiful Libby Outfit G8F – Additional materials for the dForce Libby Holiday Outfit for G8F.

:dress: dForce - Cora Dress for G8F – Loose-fitting dress for G8F.