Renderosity New Releases for February 6, 2021

Renderosity New Releases for February 6, 2021

Very pleased with Renderosity’s releases over the past 24 hours!

Todays’ post was delayed due to the site outage at Renderosity.

Modular Addict for DS Iray — Modular synthesizer/ electronic components prop.

dForce Nysali Outfit for G8F — Top & skirt for G8F.

Beach Appartment — Apartment with pool set/ environment for Studio.

Petals 2 G8F-V8 — Petal props and attachments for G8F.

dForce Nelan Outfit for G8M — Desert/ bedouin poncho outfit for G8M.

DZ G8M TacticZ — Tactical/ military/ sci-fi outfit for G8M.

Pro Wrestling Finisher and Taunt Poses for G8M — Wrestling pose set for G8M.

Yasu G8M — New Southern European male figure for G8M.

Hollywood for Lily Holiday Outfit — Alternate materials for the Lily Holiday Outfit by Arryn and Onnel.

Apple - G8F — New young, European, female character for G8F.

3D Scenery: Wild Mossy Bamboo Forest — Forest set/ environment for Studio.

InStyle - Sexy Woman dForce outfit for G8F — Alternate materials for the Sexy Woman dForce outfit for G8F.

JMR dForce Amelia Long Dress for G8F — Bandeau dress for G8F.

Heart house for Daz Studio — Fantasy style house set/ environment for Studio.

Jeanne — Alternate materials for the Gentle Paladin for Genesis 3 Female(s).

SuperHero Action for G8M Volume 8 — Superhero pose set for G8M.

I’ve snatched up Yasu, the Nelan outfit, and the TacticZ outfit. All three of them look quite nice and while I wasn’t a huge fan of the Yasu promo renders, he’s got a unique and sexy look that will fit right into my Content Library. :wink:

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