Renderosity New Releases for January 26, 2021

Renderosity New Releases for January 26, 2021

Giselle For Genesis 8 Female โ€“ Oh look, another elfish/ faerie young, white, female character for G8F. :roll_eyes:

VERSUS MODELS - Head Morphs for Victoria 8.1 Vol 1 โ€“ Additional head morphs for G8ยนF.

OOT PBR Texture Styles for Marida Outfit โ€“ Additional materials for the dForce Marida Gown Outfit for Genesis 8 Females at Daz3D.

Street Cage for G8F โ€“ Bondage-wear for G8F.

18THC Hats - Bicorne1 โ€“ Various 18th Century hats for several DAZ characters.

dForce - Swing Dress for G8F โ€“ Short dress for G8F.

Ingaburg8 for Genesis8 Female โ€“ Oh look, yet another new character for G8F. :roll_eyes:

Prohibition Alcohols Bottles Barrels for DS โ€“ Early 20th century whiskey barrels and bottle props for DAZ Studio.

Bath 6 for DAZ Studio โ€“ Very plain and minimal bathroom for Studio.

dforce - Long Cardigan - Genesis 8 โ€“ Long (to the knees) sleeved cardigan for G8F.

InStyle - dforce - LongCardigan - G8F โ€“ Additional materials for the dforce - Long Cardigan - Genesis 8.

Look at my Face- Joyful โ€“ Expression morphs & poses for G8F.

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