Renderosity New Releases for January 27, 2021

Renderosity New Releases for January 27, 2021

SuperHero Rescue for G3F & G3M Volume 2 – Poses for G3M and G3F showing a male super hero rescuing a female.

NG Hair for Genesis 8 Female – Short, straight hair for G8F.

CGI Lips Morphs for G8M & Merchant Resource - 01 – Lip morphs for G8M.

Space Engineering - Plasma Cutter – Plasma cutter prop for Studio & Poser.

Frankensteins Monster Morphs for G8M – Frankenstein’s monster figure morphs for G8M.

JMR dForce Mia Knitted Dress for G8F – Long sleeve dress of G8F.

Escort G8F – Interacting figure poses for G8F escorting G8F.

Costume of Hermes the Greek god of trade and fortune – Hermes outfit for G8M.

Prohibition Cigars For Genesis 8 Female – Cigar props and poses for G8F.

Heart Hot Air Balloon – Heart-shaped hot air balloon and gondola with poses for G8M and G8F.

Fantasy Anime Poses IX _ Magical Girl poses for G8F – Additional materials for the Fantasy Anime Outfit 6 _ Magical Girl_ for G8F.

Ultimate T-34: Maintenance Station – Military tank maintenance station set/ environment/ props for Studio.

VERSUS - dForce Fused Outfit for Genesis 8 Females – Additional materials for the dForce Fused Outfit for Genesis 8 Females.

Bodysuit 118 MMKBG3M – A body suit for G3M.

Look at my Face- Joyful – Face expressions for G8F.