Renderosity New Releases for March 8, 2021

Renderosity New Releases for March 8, 2021

SA Lin for Genesis 8 Female — Oh look, another new, young, European, female character for G8F.

SWIM Couture Textures for dForce Midnight Babydoll — Alternate materials for Midnight Babydoll.

Carnival Style 07 — Erotic outfit for G8M.

OOT PBR Texture Styles for Love Spell — Alternate materials for LoveSpell for Genesis 8 Female(s).

Modern Bank for DAZ Studio — Small bank set for Studio.

fantasy anime outfit 8 _ Ninja Assassin _ for G8F — Ninja/ anime outfit for G8F.

SuperHero Leap for G8M Volume 1 — “Leaping” pose set for G8M.

Am I the only one that just doesn’t really dig the Carnival style stuff? It just always seems a little granny pantyish to me or something.

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Maybe if I lived on Folsom Street in San Francisco I’d be more into that myself.


I didn’t buy it. Dzheng has this look fully covered, although the hat is cute, I’m not into the bustier and garter fetishwear on men,

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