Renderosity New Releases March 24th Edition

Renderosity New Releases March 24th Edition

It’s been a while since I posted a Renderosity New Release post and that’s frankly been for two reasons. First, it takes an awful lot of time to put these together. Second, there’s just been so much stuff released that seemed to be fluff and filler.

So I’m not going to list every new release, and I just want to apologize if that makes some people angry or upset. I’m only going to concentrate on the new releases that appeal to me in some way, shape, or fashion.

I’ve been working with Studio now for over 15 years, and if you include Poser now for over 25 years. Yes! My first Poser was Poser 2.0 and I bought the physical CD back in 1996. I ran that sucker on Windows NT 4.0 Workstation.

It has been a journey.

Anyhow, my point is I’m probably not looking for the same types of things someone brand new to the hobby is looking for. I’ve amassed a LOT of assets over the years and I have a very full hard drive to prove it. I don’t believe in piracy either so yeah, I have spent a metric fuck-ton on Poser and DAZ assets over the years. If I hadn’t gotten into this hobby my retirement nest egg would certainly be much larger than it is now that’s for sure.

So I’m taking a more critical eye with things. When I joke about yet another “new, young, European female…” it’s because it’s actually obscene the number of female characters that are being produced every day.

I get it. Artists need to make money, and I don’t fault anybody for their hustle, but it is patently ridiculous the numbers of female products released daily when compared to anything else.

And don’t give me that crap that only female products sell. I’m sick of it. There IS a market for male products, it’s just that artists and DAZ and Renderosity refust to nurture it.

Rant over. Here’s a selection of stuff that’s been released by Renderosity over the past few weeks that have caught my eye.

Some of this I’ve bought. Some of this I’ve added to my wish list, and some of this I have no desire to buy but I still think they might be worth mentioning.

In no particular order.

dForce Calypso Outfit for G8M

This is a four-piece outfit for G8M from Lyone that is dForce enabled.

It has multiple material zones so you can re-texture the outfit easily using any Iray fabric shaders that you might otherwise have in your library.

A single texture is supplied for the boots, the pants, the shirt, and the traps and the texture supplied supports changing the colors of any item just by modifying the surface parameters.

This is a buy from me. Lyone is a fantastic artist and produces some very nice looking clothes and shoes with a great attention to detail. I’ll admit I don’t quite understand the utility and purpose of the “traps” element in the clothing, but I’m certainly not going to let it dissuade me from adding this to my collection.


This is a bundle of several different Dodge vans from the 1970s and 1980s from 3DClassics.

Three different versions are supplied. In addition to the fully rigged model (doors open, wheels move, steering wheel is rigged, sun roof opens and closes – how cool is that!) but templates are provided for easily changing the license plate (more PAs need to do this!) as well as templates for the body, interior bed, and tires.

But wait, there’s more! There’s also several different rim types included, different hood/ air-intake options, wheel arches, spolier, zoomies, exhaust pipes, and different side window styles.

I am genuinely impressed with the sheer number of customization options provided.

This is a buy from me as well. My Mr. T. needs to go on some new adventures with his A-Team!

Superhero Poses & Expressions G8F

This is a set of superhero poses and expressions for G8F from SuperMassive.

I don’t render a lot of superhero scenes (though I do a few) but this pose set looked interesting. The key thing that attracted me to this set of 18 poses and expressions is they’re unique. I don’t really have that many similar poses or expressions in my library.

I know how to pose my characters. I like posing my characters. That being said, why then would anybody that knows how to pose their characters and doesn’t mind posing their characters ever be interesting in a pose set? And it’s simple. I look for things that will save me time.

Pose sets should be seen (or is it scene?) as a utility to get you the artist started. Unless it’s a positional type pose or a pose for a figure interacting with a specific prop in a specific way (or another figure), poses should be seen as starting-off points. They’re almost always going to require tweaking anyway. Especially if the figure you’re using has a different geometry scale than what the pose was originally made for. So I look for poses that can save me time by quickly setting up what I might want and then freely allowing me to tweak the bones until I get them just the way I want them.

Now, this is going to be a pass for me for the time being. I’ll add it to my wish list in case I might have a use for it in the future, but this appears to be a well rounded set of poses.

dForce Jennifer style clothing for G8F

This is a cute 2/3 piece outfit for G8F from fefecoolyellow.

Ok, so why do I say “2/3 piece outfit”? Because it’s really the jacket and skirt. But there’s 2 jackets provided. One zipped up, and one opened. So while it’s technically a 2 piece outfit, you do get 3 pieces. And it’s dForce enabled!

Like I said originally, this is a cute outfit. I was immediately drawn to this outfit. It has several adjustment and movement morphs in addition to dForce, and it claims to work with a wide variety of female body types.

No shoes are provided, but you probably already have a pair of heels that will go quite nicely with this.

I’m buying this. As I’ve said before, a girl can never have too many outfits!

VYK dForce Demure Dress

If your scenes already have flappers or rumbled seats, and gasoline for you only costs 20¢ a gallon, then you’ll want to check out this ensemble outfit from vykhtoria!

Includes a dress, hat, and gloves. 4 different materials are included. I checked the readme and there is no mention of the umbrella or the shoes.

This is a smart looking item and will be a great addition to anyone’s content library wardrobe.

dforce - Chrysalis - Genesis 8

This is a cute little mini-dress with long sleeves from Kaleya for G8F.

It’s dforce enabled which should be standard fare now-a-days and includes several different knit, partially see-through, ombre, and plain fabric options.

Several dforce usage tips are provided in the product description and readme.

I bought this. I thought this dress was quite cute.

That’s it for today. I’ve got more to add tomorrow but I literally could spend the rest of the day today going through all this and unfortunately I’ve got some other stuff to do.

I hope you found this useful.