Renderotica New Releases for February 10, 2021

Renderotica New Releases for February 10, 2021

All links in this post should be considered NSFW!

Cow Flow For Genesis 8 Female — Set of props and poses for G8F’s breasts as well as additional breasts, and udder props availbe from third-parties that basically turn G8F and all her nipples and teats into a hucow being milked. Also includes a set and environment props and accessories. Why am I spending so much time writing a description for this? There is just so much going on in these promo pictures I’m not really sure where to begin. Frankly, I’m quite surprised there’s not a futa dick milking option because frankly that seems to me to be the only thing missing here. Are straight guys into this? This appears to be a very specific and very distinctive fetish. Frankly I’m both impressed and amazed. And scared. And frankly, I’ve used the word “frankly” way too much in this passage.

Stuck Fuck — A pose set for G8F and G8M. G8F apparently gets stuck under a table and can’t get out. Of course that now becomes an open invitation for her to be fucked by whatever male character happens to join her.

The Grungeon “Expansion Pack 2” For DazStudio — Additional restraint props and poses for G8F for the Expansion Pack Core Package.

Bad Girl G8FThing Thong and cincher for G8F.

Dehumanization fetishes have many forms. I’m sure its a combination of Oedipus complex with the milk obsession and power fetish with the dehumanization. Perhaps men who think themselves as the lower ranks of society need power over something so they dehumanize women in their fantasies. That’s armchair psychology 001.

Or maybe fetishes are just fetishes. Some people get turned on by weird stuff.

And then there are those where hu-cow is a variation of furry cosplay.