Renderotica new releases for February 2, 2021

Renderotica New Releases for February 2, 2021

All links on this post should be considered NSFW!

Andromeda For G8F – Big-busted, European female character for G8F.

Easy Control For Genesis 8.1 Male Genital for Female – Morphs and poses for the penis for G8¹F.

Wait, so the guy doesn’t get any dials? That’s fucked-up.

Xella for Genesis 8 Female - SF/F female character for G8F.

I thought the 8.1 genetals were interchangeable. Like you can use gens for male on the female. I didn’t think there was anything model specific. So you should be able to use the G.8.1 male gen for female on a male model. I haven’t tried this, just hypothesizing.

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There is an easy control for the male genitals. I know I think I bought it at renderhub. I haven’t looked to see if it works on gen 8.1 thought.

I don’t see why not. The male gens are just gen3m’s

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It all depends on what folder the morphs are being stored in under \data\.

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