Renderotica New Releases for February 8, 2021

Renderotica New Releases for February 8, 2021

All links in this post should be considered NSFW!

Tranny Fantazy 02 — Set of total 40 exciting poses for G8F/ V8 with 20 poses for DB XXX’s XXY and 20 shaping presets for 3feetwolf’s “New Gens For Victoria 8”.

Boobs Lover — Pose set and morphs for G8F and G8M, Dicktator, and NGV8.

dForce Hip Pullover For G8F — Oversized pullover shirt/ jersey for G8F.

Brunna For G8F And G8.1F — New, young, European, female character for G8F/ G8¹F.

Lol, I’m sorry, but those Boobs Lover poses looks like the guy is trying to inflate the woman via her left nipple! Got flash backs of Airplane the movie :laughing:

Yeah. They were… unique.

Kinda sad when the most exciting thing I find released at Renderotica today is an oversized jersey/ pullover! LOL

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