Renderotica New Releases for March 3, 2021

Renderotica New Releases for March 3, 2021

None of the images on the Renderotica product pages are loading this morning which usually isn’t a problem but that also means I can’t look over the product more carefully.

All links on this post should be considered NSFW!

Uniporn Dildo #2 — Unicorn-horn styled morphing and posable sex toy.

BDSM Club - The Black Whip — BDSM themed sex club set/ environment for Studio.

No nipple for G8F and G8.1F — This is a geograft that replaces G8F’s nipples which basically makes your figure’s breasts look like the aftermath of someone (or some thing) either carving out or ripping out the female character’s nipples. Just looking at the thumbnail made me cringe. Who knew carving out one’s nipples was a thing?

Cock-O-Rama Dickson Dick 2 — Alien penis add-on for the Cock-O-Rama add-on penis and testicle system.

Dickson Dick 2 Expansion Pack — Additional morphs, props, poses, and materials for the Cock-O-Rama Dickson Dick 2.

:free: Classic Clawfoot Bathtub — A 19th century - early 20th century claw-footed bathtub prop by Henrika.

Hot College Gal Outfit G8f — Cut-off top and mini-skirt (w/ suspenders) outfit for G8F.