Rig-GNS for Blender and DAZ Studio

Does anyone have any experience with the Rig-GNS tool from Shamsu Ddin on Gumroad?

How well does it work? Any limitations or “gotchas”?


Rig-GNS add-on

Rig-GNS is a blender tool that rigs Genesis figures imported from Daz studio such that it is friendly for posing and animation in blender.

It also makes the Genesis figures copy a free animation template from http://www.mixamo.com

  • Rig in just few clicks
  • Full control of all body parts
  • Over 50 control bones for facial expressions
  • Copy mixamo animation templates

New features for version 0.1.2

  • Improved and simplified material shaders in both cycles and eevee.
  • Manipulate Mixamo animation for countless motion possibilities.
  • Now supports Blender 2.9.
  • Auto adjust timeline to match Mixamo animation keyframes.
  • Friendlier user interface.

Want to try first? Download Rig-GNS free version here

Note that the free version supports only Genesis-3-female. The free version does not support mixamo animation templates.

To get the paid version, click the “Buy this” button above.

Author’s note.

I’ve been using Rig-GNS for personal projects but then decided to release it to fellow artist in the hope it eases their animation pipeline.

Getting started with Rig-GNS

Youtube Overview - Documentation