Season Pass 🙄 and avatar icon

I did notice a few people on the forum had an icon for this

another money extraction scheme?

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What a racket. These are high prices for what your getting. Flair? Contests? Tutorials.


5 characters + their HD shapes is more than $150.

The problem is, I don’t buy every character and if any of the next 5 characters are not something I would buy and need the HD settings for, I’m wasting money.


Posted this to the official thread in Daz, lets see if I can get moderated

If any of the next 5 releases are not something I would buy and need the HD for, this is overpriced. The only way this is worth it is if I’m vain enough to want to show off my vanity with an icon in the forums and I think I’m good enough to win a render contest against professional artists and I will buy and use unseen models in closeup renders. I’m can’t see paying $150 for a grab bag of random characters. What if one is furry or another gnome or dwarf or orc?

PC+ perks have been evaporating since there is almost no Daz Original content released to spend my monthly coupon on. Everything is PA or PA partnered.

The phase out of pro bundles was annoying. The twice a week old+new content bundles for barely a discount was annoying.

Adding a more elite “club” is a kick in the teeth.

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I can’t use 8.1 and given the propensity lately to release females and Art Station buyout characters, this is an easy pass. Once I can afford a card, maybe I’ll think this is a good deal.

This has all the tell-tale signs of DAZ having cashflow problems.


bit like loot boxes in games? …and yeah are they indeed desperate for funds?

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Yeah that is more than I paid for my annual pass and it runs for just 2 months. That’s a lot of money for not knowing for sure what you are getting or at least being a little more specific about what you are getting. Plus that is just the Base model that you are getting and the HD with it. I feel the same as all the rest of you. I can’t afford it and the risk severely outweighs the need or the want.


I find the forum flair an actual detraction from the product in question. If I were wealthy enough to participate, I certainly wouldn’t want to advertise it. Plus they are ugly.

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  • forum flair badges? does anyone REALLY care about that? I mean, seriously. Does anyone actually take any notice or think they are worth it???
  • the contest thing…pfffft. It’s not like it’s a contest for ONLY season pass holders, which I would think would be a better idea. It’s just early entry to another contest that are always won by the big artists.
  • free entry to ONE webinar/tutorial? without knowing what the tutorial is about? There are so many FREE tutorials for daz on the web, why on earth would you want to pay the big bucks for ONE?
  • two free items. What items are these? Are they new products created by a big name vendor? Are they props? Characters? Clothing? Are they old V4 items? Is it going to be a selection where you choose two really really old daz originals like most of the “free with purchase” items are there?
  • 5 base characters. Not the bundles, but just the character. Which if you wait six months you can pick up dirt cheap.

Honestly, I couldn’t believe it when I read it. A season pass that goes for two months. At an astronomical price. And this “get it cheaper if you buy it now” and the price going up over the next few weeks…words cannot express how much I loathe that type of thing. We already pay for the bloody PC club which is losing its value for me as it is. I am so OVER daz right now. $149 US is $194 Australian. Like hell I’m going to pay almost $200 for this shit.


Just another way for the ones wanting to appear rich to brag :roll_eyes:

listing their specs with their rack of 3080 cards is not enough :rofl:

Penis size or pencil test on breasts would be too humiliating

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oh, yeah, give me a nice shiny badge, like I’m 12 years old!

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yeah, do you see anyone using some of the shit they pass off? I don’t.

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Oh, I was thinking the free shit that comes out every week but, yeah, V4 and M4 shit they can’t see for $0.99

And yea Pressure selling is illegal in the UK.

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So did anybody get these? Were they “worth it”? Seemed like a cash grab to me.

I got suckered in but saved money in the long run. Only because I know I buy all the Daz major releases.

I don’t use female figures so the season pass would not work for me. Also the quality of content lately especially male stuff has been kind of poor so for me paying sight unseen would not work.