Shape Gen by Zev0

The name has nothing to with genitalia. So if you are hoping for a penis sculpting tool, this isn’t it.

Simply Put: This takes your full list of morphs and creates a checkbox list. Whatever you check will be given random values when you press the Randomize Choice button. The purpose being when you need to create a unique character and don’t want to spend time with all the choices and dial adjusting. Just pick what options to base the random choices on and click Randomize Choice until you see something you like.

That’s what this does. You have control over which morphs to select from. As far as I can tell this only works on the base figure morphs, so attachments are not included in the randomization.

The bottom line: You probably don’t need this, but if you can afford it and have had times where you spent hours sliding morph dials trying to see your character look like what you expect, this might have a place in your scripts folder. More of a toy than a tool. A cool toy that does what its supposed to and does it well, but most artists are going to want control over their character’s appearance - I could see those artists using this to find the right starting point though.


I don’t have this but I have something similar by EmmaAndJordi I have the face version. I made loads of great characters in no time at all. Some of them were incredible likenesses to some of my friends. The only problem I had with that is it was hard to zero out figures afterwards. I’m told though, baking transforms fixes it.

I did look at Shape Gen but, I thought the face is one thing, but random settings for the body could make a lot seriously odd characters and a few good ones. This does do face and body in one package and it looks like it uses all your morphs in your library is that right? I’ll think again about that when it’s in a sale. Thanks. :slight_smile:

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