Show us your renders!

We love watching your renders and what you do with our stuff! We always loved it! Post the renders in which you use at least one of our products here!


  • Use at least one product made by EmmaAndJordi
  • Say which product/s you used
  • You are free to credit whatever other products you used
  • Links are welcome

  • Featuring EJ Argos, his mustache, hair, and beard.
  • DZheng’s FaZh02Short, FaZh10Top, and SlipOn01 shoes.
  • The environment is FlipMode Glowing Things.
  • Rendered in Iray.
  • Postwork in Luminar AI and Affinity Photo.

Quite the handsome figure. :wink:

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Awesome! Thanks for showing him! :slight_smile:

I used the character EJ Juncal, the Nightwalker Outfit, and Scarlett Hair. I just bought Juncal and the Nightwalker Outfit with the coupon (among other things!), and I already had Scarlett Hair for a while now. I really like Juncal, she’s very pretty. The outfit is awesome, too, I had it in my wishlist at Daz since it came out so I was very happy to finally buy it at this price.

I have also posted this render at deviantArt: Whaddya See In There? by TheOtherThoreandan on DeviantArt

I hope it’s okay that I mentioned the coupon in my post there, I’ll remove the note about that once the coupon expires.

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Thank you so much Thoreandan! :slight_smile: It is really stunning, she looks very beautiful.

Thank you so much for your support and sharing it! :slight_smile:

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your Hiroshi character cant rem the hair etc its been a while since i did it great characters you have keep up the great work and good luck at gumroad x


Thank you for showing, he looks great! :slight_smile:

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This is another render I did recently that happened to feature a few Emma and Jordi products (I swear I’m not trying to monopolize this thread, this will be the last one for a while!)

E&J products:

  • The distracted woman on the couch has the EJ Juncal skin texture (but not morphs), and she’s wearing the shirt from the Mucho Flow Outfit (with different generic fabric textures applied).
  • The Samara/Sadako-like ghost-demon girl is wearing the Night Walker outfit (the dirt option really came in handy here).

Also posted here: Hey, Are You Even Paying Attention? by TheOtherThoreandan on DeviantArt


That is very cool! :slight_smile: We always liked Asian horror movies and this is so much fun!

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