Skin Builder 8 for Genesis 8 Female

Skin Builder 8 for Genesis 8 Female

I had this on my wish list for a while but it finally got discounted a few days ago so I bought it and I wasn’t dissapointed.

On top of being able to alter the colour and tone of the model’s skin (from real human to weird alien colours), it also has a ton of tools for adding many different sorts of imperfections (you know, those things that make the models look more realistic).

You can add blotches, freckles, veins, age spots, moles, acne spots, stretch marks (a personal fav!) and even tan lines.

It also can alter eye brow, eye lashes and iris colour and style. Plus add pubic hair.

Finally you can save your custom creations as material presets for reuse later on.

Overall a worthy purchase imo. I’m really pleased how much more realistic the models look and having control over their skin tone opens up a whole new world of possibilities (beach tan, frozen pale etc…)

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