So much Warez I don't trust anything

I just found heaps of DAZ content on the iClone Reallusion Facebook page being redistributed by a person called Asif.

Reported it but fear by the sheer number this has now become a warez page.

Not the first 3D Facebook page doing this either, I have left many people added me to but I followed this one probably 10 years and it was very quiet up until now just posting official Reallusion stuff.

However it is an across the board problem, I even witnessed it at DAZ but they pull the stuff if found out (is rouge Premier Artists who do it).

My point is how do you know if something has not been stolen from someone else?

This is why sites like Renderhub are a no go for me too.

The blatant game ripping is no better than stealing some poor Artist’s work.

Is one thing to be inspired by something else, while questionable the artist still models the stuff but outright pilfering???:confused::rage::angry:

Can’t agree with you more, Wendy!

I do not support game rips, or warez, or pirated content in any way.

Good that you reported it. Hopefully FB or DAZ, etc. will take action.

the sad thing is 58 of my friends including some PAs are mutual friends of this person and when he replied to me after I linked the products in the DAZ store it was to say he was *helping people *. There is no getting through to them. I am the bad guy to them for not helping. He was not the pirate, he was linking to the pirate. Which is just as bad.

You aren’t the “bad guy” for standing up for what’s right and you’re right, there is no getting through to them. All you can do is report and move-on.

yeah ended up deleting my post linking his profile and asking why this person has 58 mutual DAZ using friends with me including PAs when he is linking to warez, before Facebook got involved as it would likely constitute harassment on my behalf to them.

Are all well known regular users you would have in your friends list too. :roll_eyes:

possibly they were unaware.

I blocked him and moved on, Zendesk has the group link.

A lot of pirates use the “helping people” argument. I don’t buy it. The psychology of software pirates is something of a mystery to me, but I don’t think that being generous with other people’s stuff is as heroic or altruistic as they like to pretend. Both my partner and myself are writers and we’ve seen our books uploaded to pirate sites, put there by those who claim that they are “helping”. The truth is that most creators, be they 3D content PAs, or publishers or writers, or whatever, make vanishingly little money from their efforts, and when someone decides for themselves that our work ought to be free, it does real damage.

As to the question of “how can we recognize pirate sites?” I think that the answer is “If it costs money on a site like DAZ 3D, or Renderosity, but it’s free on site X, then site X is almost certainly a pirate site and needs to come down.” There are, of course, also pirate sites that charge money for stolen content, and they’re real scum. They’re still often easy to recognize, though, because their prices tend to be too good to be true. If you see an entire artist’s catalogue offered for download for $20, but you know that each item sells for $24.95 on DAZ 3D, then you’re definitely looking at a pirate site.

the Facebook page has pulled all the warez posts BTW, I still get notifications of people liking my post so looked.

but then I did report it to DAZ so that likely helped

not rejoining :roll_eyes:

too many hold the Robin Hood philosophy

I don’t have a problem with robbing the rich to feed the poor, but Robin Hood (*) had some skin in the game: if he got caught trying to help the unfortunate, the authorities would have hanged him for it. The pirates risk essentially nothing.

In any case, the pirates aren’t robbing the rich to feed the poor. They’re robbing the poor to stroke their own egos.

(*) Yes, yes, Robin Hood was not a real historical figure. Or if he was, he was quite likely a very different character, a guerilla leader named William of Cassingham. Who, ironically, was actually a partisan of King John, who is the ultimate villain in the Robin Hood stories.

Ignoring the poor is not much of a problem for you either, I’d assume. Not only ignoring but further hinder them to get access to certain things that are no problem to get for you.

Sometimes, to me, the “pirates” are the real heroes.


giving away someone’s 3D model is not helping the poor.

Helping them to learn to create their own models and sell them is

With what? Since Blender has become a serious alternative to big 3D suites like 3ds Max/Maya Zbrush etc. I don’t have to pirate them anymore, but before that I used to. Why? - Because in order to pay for a 1 year license i would have to work for 10 years and not spend a dollar in my country, that’s why.

So when someone uploads a cracked software or a super expensive add-on, He/She IS helping those who need it most.

Now about models. I don’t feel pity for DAZ when people are sharing they models among themselves in communities. DAZ is a scumbag company itself…

I would not reccomend buying products from 3D market places at all. Instead it’s much better to commission artists directly. So the product will be yours and only yours. You can share it or not.

But if you put a product for let say $25 on a marketplace, some will buy it, and some who bought it, will share it with others who cannot buy it.

Now, there are scumbags who ask for money for pirated products. Those are disgusting even to me.

I cannot afford Max either.

You want freestuff, Epic Games for example gives away awesome 3D content the first Tuesday of every month.

There is no excuse to steal anything because there is so much legitimately free content out there and Blender is free of course, I use Carrara myself mostly and that is not that dear but other programs like Hexagon are free also.

The fact is those using warez want something in addition that isn’t free that someone is trying to sell to make a living brokered through DAZ who already takes 50%.

Not many PAs I know of are rich, many struggling, not only financially but some with their health too. It’s often the only job they can do because of physical limitations.

everything content wise in this video is free

Ready Player Me VR avatars converted to FBX from gltf in Blender, imported into Unreal Engine, Alchemist lowpoly art set free this month, Animaze facial capture for Vlogs, Skype, and it’s editor to import the gltf files for avatars free on Steam.

The fake zoom group was edited in Hitfilm Express

Ok I used a bit of iClone for the very last bit at the end but otherwise everything is free, the motions can all be grabbed off Mixamo and Actorcore for free and retargeted in Unreal or Blender too.

Even you say it’s free, everything looks like it was ripped from a game :grin:

But if Epic (as a game publisher) provides their own assets for free is there really a problem?

I am allowed to make a game with those assets.

Ready Player Me even provides a SDK for using their avatars in Unreal and Unity,

they are in the process of setting up a store people can upload clothing and hair for the avatars too.

you can create the free avatars like I used here

the scene is a game Asset and because free for the month and not an Epic games only one but a vendor contribution the licensing allows use in other game engines too.

DAZ studio iray 360 camera lens render

this environment was free a previous month,

no longer is now, you have to grab them when they are

shown with Echo Windwalker the Epic girl.

My Nr. 1 free 3D models site would be Some of the models come with basic textures, but slapping newer PBR mats on them makes them look really great.

walls should not produce reflections like a mirror :sweat_smile: otherwise its great!