Something with the clothes on

Nice render. I like the lighting and composition. I like that bedroom too! And the impressions of the right arm/ hand, left hand, and right hip/ leg on the duvet look great and natural.

The lighting is really nice. I know I already said that but my eyes are drawn back to the lighting again. :wink: I like the vignette but the play of light and shadows through the windows onto the figure is really quite nice.

The only criticism I would have is the pose. It looks stiff. It looks off. Mainly in the shoulders I think, but also in the hips and pelvis a bit too. The way the legs are posed seems a bit unnatural for laying on a bed. I think the legs are spread too far apart and the shoulders are too rigid. The hips are rotated too it looks like. I think the left foot should be closer to the back of the right calf, and the knees closer together. That would look more natural to me.

Otherwise it’s a very nicely composed and lit render!

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I took the stock pose. I spent more time morphing the duvet than on the pose, maybe just an iteration or two of Pose Relaxer would have helped. Got lucky with the lights as the vendor had posed the Sun Sky… required barely any tweaks. Swapped out the emissives, added fill, rim and eye highlight to balance.

I guess maybe I should have listed the assets (i’ll do that). I think the room is not to the correct scale…its just a little too small, I think.