Spring Fling Pinup Contest

The prize is a paltry $10 daz gift card and there will be two winners.

Both winning images will not feature the same gender subject. I’m not saying one will be male and one will be female. This is a little more open minded than that. But since I can only afford two prizes and I don’t want to limit anyone in this area, I’ll just say both winning images won’t feature a subject with the same gender identity.

Entry Rules:

  1. Nudity is encouraged but not required.
  2. Pinup art should be suggestive without depicting sex. Submissions cannot include stimulation of the genital area. When in doubt, abide by DeviantArt rules. I won’t dq anyone over erectness.
  3. The subject must be one(1) and only one(1) figure. The figure must be a full body shot. No part of the body may pass beyond the borders of the image.
  4. The subject must be wearing at least one article of clothing. It doesn’t have to conceal anything.
  5. The subject must appear, without doubt, to be an adult.
  6. The subject must be a rendered 3d Model. And, your entry must include the list of assets used.
  7. An artist may enter up to three(3) images. Each entry must be signed somewhere. Artists may only submit art created on or after May, 9 2021. Artists may not re-render an older work to meet the creation timeframe. The artist and the submitter must the same individual. This contest will not alter the rights of the submitted images beyond allowing us to display the images for judging and voting.
  8. The image may not include an obscuring watermark. All entries remain the intellectual property of their submitter.
  9. Postwork is not only encouraged, but required. You entry must mention what postwork you did and why. Entries stating "No Postwork’ will be disqualified.
  10. The method used to determine the winners will be: I will select 6-10 images to be finalists. The finalists will be reposted to a voting thread where they will be voted on by likes for a short voting period. The winner is the image with the most likes the other winner is the image with the most likes that has a subject of a gender different from the winning entry. Also the second winner must be a different artist than the first winner.


To Enter, post your image in one of the Risque Showcases here and add a tag “SpringFling2021.” Your post should include : A Title, A list of assets used. A summary of postwork done. I’ll try to curate a list of posts in this thread. Be sure to add "NSFW’ tags. Entry deadline is June, 10, 2021. Voting will follow quickly thereafter.

Helpful hints: At some point I am the bottleneck all entries must pass through. I don’t like zombies as pinups. I won’t say you can’t submit such things, but…

Also note: This is just for fun and bragging rights and I can’t promise everything will be totally fair. I’ll do my best to keep things fair, but I can’t promise absolute pragmatism. This is my first go at running this kind of contest so these rules are subject to tweaking.


I added a pic so linking this contest can get a more appropriate promo image

Links to Entry posts:

Now closed for entries. Let me know if I didn’t see your entry - all the ones I know of are posted in the prior reply.

I’ll repost all of these as voting threads later today and then the voting will open.