SpringFlingPinup Contest Demo Entry

This is an example entry - not an actual entry (I can’t participate due to some conflict of interest thingy)

Title: PinupDemoAlyx

Assets Used:

G8F Alyx

dForce Classic Long Curly Hair

Animal Rug - Faux Fur Shaders

Glitzy Diva Shoes

On-Fleek Eyebrows

Pans Photo Lighting

manually posed

PostWork in Photoshop:

a copy of the image flipped with a radial blur -merged

a nik collection bleach bypass at 44% transparency - merged

a nik collection gentle white vignette to soften the edges.

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Very beautiful. I do have a question. I do see a lot of people that list everything they do to their artwork and everything they use, I actually like seeing it because it helps me out to see how others use things or if there is something I have been looking for I know at least where to start looking, but some seem VERY adamant about this. Is there a reason behind this? Like I said I have no problem with it, I just wasn’t sure if there was something more behind it that has happened that I wasn’t sure of in the past.

List of assets is simply a way to credit the asset artists

List of post work steps is to encourage postwork. This is probably my personal crusade, but in my opinion a render without post work is just artistic engineering, and has a lot of room to be improved- to be made into something that becomes art instead of being just another computer rendered model.

I’m not going to judge based on these lists. It’s going to all be about the appearance of the final piece.

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That’s my Rule 2 for 3D Masculinity and I did it because I got sick of the constant questions, “Oooh! What hair is that?” not to mention that there’s so little decent male-oriented 3D assets out there I wanted to call them out and enforce a little bit of publicity for any PA creating decent assets for the guys.

Not just your crusade! I hate hate hate hate it when I see artists proudly lament, “No postwork!” As if that’s somehow makes them a better “artist” or something.

I’m with you. When I see “no postwork” I consider the work to be draft quality.

Name me a photographer, or movie director, or hell even a director of photography that doesn’t do color correction or postwork when creating a final piece. If they didn’t, there’d be no use for Adobe Lightroom or Final Cut Pro or After Effects or (name your software).


No Postwork!

To me this is flatter. Though I could have done more in daz to add a background, it was my choice to put nothing of interest in the background. But the coloring for this isn’t right for a plain white background.

To me most renders lack contrast - they rely on too much light or an HDRI or worse - too little light. Light is a mofo to get balanced in Daz. I could spend days adjusting lighting. I love a bleach bypass layered over the original and then tweak the opacity to enhance the contrast to what I consider ideal for the image.

But, I’m pretty good at assessing art not based on my tastes.

In college I studied both lighting design as a major and a ton of art history. My actual degree came after 218 credits and was in international business management. But that was all so long ago. And of course, given all that, I work as a software engineer/programmer.

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