Substance Painter


Trying my hand at it again, enjoying it… even if I have to give Adobe more money.

Anyone got experience? Tips, tricks or other bon mots?

I switched to Armor Paint when Adobe bought out Substance, sorry.

Is that free? Is it good? Comparative to Substance?

It’s free, as in Open Source. The source code is on GitHub and you can compile it yourself if you have the tools.

Pre-compiled binaries are available on Gumroad for a one-time fee of 16€ (about $16-$18 depending on the strength of the Dollar vs. Euro) which is used to fund the development of the software.

So yes, the software is free, but you’ll have to pay about $18 if you don’t want to compile it yourself, but 100% of the money goes to supporting the developers and the project so it can be enhanced further.

In my opinion it’s every bit as good as Substance Painter and it does some things that Substance doesn’t do. I would recommend looking at the website and reading the online manual to see all that it can do.