Teenagers (or younger) and their Characters

I just have a question. I am by all mean not blind or anything but, can I just ask does anyone else find it a little creepy that some people only make teens? Maybe my mind is just going and pointing in the wrong direction, but you know I would say a good 80 to 90 percent of 3D art that is done generally has some sort of sexual theme to it, whether intentional or not. Maybe I am looking at it wrong. I know they don’t include “genitals” but seriously it’s not that hard to find substitutions. It’s one thing to have young looking characters…but quite another to have the ones who are actually young. I don’t know, I guess I just want other people’s input on this and what you think?

I could possibly see the teens being used as a way to tell some great stories maybe about coming out or coming to terms with family or a lot of things. It’s just the sexuality part of it can be quite dangerous.

You aren’t alone, and that’s something I struggled with in the past managing the 3D masculinity group on Facebook. It’s also one of the reasons I don’t spend more time on DeviantArt.

I had to make a rule on FB 3D Masculinity that all characters must appear to be over 18 because it got bad there for a while.

And I run several NSFW websites on the Internet where users can upload their own content and it’s something I deal with constantly from the shota and loli crowd.

I get that Japanese culture is different, but some of these people aren’t in Japan. They’re in Western Europe and Western Europe isn’t Japan.

And right or wrong but … there is a huge fucking difference of an innocent drawing or picture of a child. Just look at Norman Rockwell. Nobody would ever think there was anything prurient in any of Norman Rockwell’s drawings and that man drew LOTS of children and 99% of the stuff that gets posted on DeviantArt and Twitter is not an innocent depiction of a child. I’m sorry but the artist that uploads stuff like that may not want to think it’s child porn but it’s fucking child porn.

So no, you’re not alone.

AND! It’s not universal. There’s a gentleman I follow on Facebook that does children renders in Studio all the time. He’s done several childrens’ books illustrated with his Studio renders. And not one single image is tittilating or selacious. Because as the artist he’s looking at his characters as the innocent children that they are in his mind. NOT something to be lusted after and you can definitely tell the difference when you see some of the art that’s produced by someone that’s not.

On the other hand, if someone is able to satisfy their kinks and desires through 3D art I am not going to stand in their way. I firmly believe there’s a difference between 3D art, or 2D manga and who knows what’s coming next year… VR… than anything that’s “real” and more power to the person for having that avenue of escape.

I just don’t want to see it.

But then again, I know most people don’t want to look at my art either so I’m not judging (much).

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