That Time at the Beach (Spring Fling Entry 2)

Elijah 7 moved to G8M Diesel for Elijah 7 FauxHawk Hair CC Shave This (body hair) MRL Flat Top and Beard (beard) Macro Eyes dForce Towels for Genesis 8 Necklace from Wizard Apprentice for G8M Boardwalk Casual Outfit (sandals) Beach Pod Iray Add-on MMX Dual Lobe Hair Shader Toolkit (all hair) Painters Lights IG Photographer’s Toolbox: 35 MM Cameras Iray Light Manager Pro Rendered to Canvases, composited in Photoshop (used a darken brush to clean up some light spill over… never done that before) filtered with NikTools Analog.

Technically, there is only one article of clothing… the shoes. The necklace and towel are “Accessories”.

Was signature really required? I forgot… flipping back and forth between pseudonyms has me confused.

Yes, signature is required. I’m letting some things slide, though. You don’t have to resubmit this with a signature, but you can if you’d like.