The light bringer

My aim as 3D-hobbyist is to imitate the photos you find in renown fashion magazines. Like the ones that David Bellemere does. Nudes? Yes, but if so in a way that it’s just a part of the image, not the whole picture. To look for contrasting elements. This one was another Face Transfer project that exactly didn’t portray the object intended. Still I liked the result. Fiddled around with it today. Took at least over three hours to render.

The main model is a Genesis 8 Female. The skirt and top was Apex Outfit. The hair Soft Classic Hair by Linday. The jewelry *WINTERWHIRL by fabiana


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Awesome render! Welcome back by the way. :wink:

Huge thanks, mcj3d! Have had a period where I haven’t done any rendering at all. But then inspiration comes knocking at the door.

I love this. I also like to use other images as inspiration. I’ve done a few “movie posters” and what have you. It’s fun when you find something you are fascinated by and see if you can re-create yourself. Very nice image.