'til the End of the Night


I really like this! Love the DOF and the lighting. The character, the pose, the expression… spot on!

If I was to critique anything (you did post this to the Critical Corner :slight_smile: ) It would be the lights on the side of the storage units in the background. They seem a bit washed out? Maybe lower their lumens by 10-20% and open the iris on the camera a little more. But even that’s a stretch since they aren’t the focus of the scene.

Fantastic render!

Emissive lights in Iray suck when on camera. I should probably fake the light source…

No need to fake the lighting! Just lower the lumens. You probably don’t even need to adjust your camera since the lighting is in the background and not really illuminating the figure.

Give me physical, emissive lights, over anything else any day of the week. I hate HDRIs with a passion. :slight_smile: