Tile Rendering coming to Blender 3

I bought K-Cycles sometime ago. It’s much much faster than the default Cycles rendering engine in Blender. And the developer is releasing pre-release builds of Blender 3 with it as well.

Considering I know a lot of my 3D art friends don’t have much VRAM in their GPUs I spotted this this morning that might be of interest: Tile rendering is coming to Blender 3!

Apparently if you have a lot of VRAM it’s suggested to turn it off, but if you don’t then this may be a good solution to help rendering large scenes!

K-CyclesX 3.0 new build: “K-CyclesX_3.00_2021_alpha_v20210915_win_rtx.zip”.

Updated to the latest core cycles-x.

Note: The cycles-x core has added tile rendering under performance section “Auto Tiles”. Best performance is to have it disable. The smaller tiles will slow down performance. Recommend only to use in very large image size rendering when not enough GPU memory is available. “Auto Tiles” enabled will reduce the quality of the “Ultra Denoiser” in future when fixes for tile seams are done this issue will be solved.

Bug fixes for the “Ultra Denoiser”. Now noisy passes are available and problem with “Diffuse Direct” pass is fix.

New feature the “Individual Passes” option for the “Ultra Denoiser” now under the Multi-Pass. It will denoise all the individual enable light passes for use in the compositor or image editing application.

So if you don’t have a lot of VRAM now may be the time to seriously take a look at Blender 3. :slight_smile:

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