Tip: Avoid buying new figures


You don’t have to buy a bunch of new figures.

You can simply dial-in and mix the figures you already have.

Just go into the Shaping panel and dial up say 50% of character “A” and 50% of character “B”.

You’ll get a completely unique character that doesn’t look like anything you already have installed.

And you can steal the body MAT from one of those 2 characters (or a different 3rd character) to get a truly unique look.

This works for male and female characters.

Like the body of one but want a different head? Then just mix up the head morphs.

I think a lot of people forget this fact.

It’s great that content creators produce new figures but especially if money is tight you don’t need to spend the money on them. Odds are you have billions of potentially new figures already in your library just based on the combination of the characters you already have installed.


It’s not the shapes I’m buying, it’s the skins. Shapes can be created with dials. Skins require more skills and tools to make them unique. As a novelist with over twenty novels written, I have hundreds of characters - the only ones that get to wear the same skin are the twins. Skin Builder is cool, but it’s not a huge variety of skins. It’s varying degrees of 3 options. And after four or five, you really just don’t get a unique look. If I could buy the materials without buying the morphs, I would.

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Indeed. I’ve often wondered why the morphs and the textures aren’t split up as separate installs even. DAZ has almost 90,000 SKUs now so it would be too difficult to do it now but anybody setting up a new store would benefit by splitting the products up. Textures. Morphs, Props. Poses.

That way for someone like Zeddicus that loves to release morph expressions along with his poses, I could choose not to install the morph expressions thereby cutting down on the load times for my figures. :slight_smile:

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Yeah but let’s be honest there’s not a whole lot of truly original textures coming out. The vast majority of textures all look alike. Sure, some may be shaded darker or lighter than the others, and sure there may be slightly different makeup options, but most PAs are lazy. They are churning out characters so fast now there’s no way they can devote a lot of time to truly coming up with unique releases.

Of course just as with everything in life there are exceptions.

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I really like this idea. It would certainly help me with loading unneeded morphs.

I agree totally with you on this, atl3cdartist. Most PA’s are into recycling. At the beginning, their models look unique, but after a while and some releases, you can note a certain similarity between them. Think Sabby/SASE for instance and Fred Winkler and you get the idea. The mouth, nose and the eyes all look the same, though the names and makeup of the models vary. I’ve recently begun doing what you’re recommending, and I feel just as excited as I presume you do about it. It opens up completely new horizons.

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