Tips and such in a Non-software specific category?

I really like the idea of tips and hints … but I noticed all the composition tips were in Daz3d … It would be nice to have a general category not software specific for tips like this. I generally don’t check that category since I’m primarily a Poser user.

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Hi @Boni!

Yep, I think that’s because that’s what’s been posted so far. :slight_smile:

Did you have something specific in mind?

Of course, someone could easily create some tutorial posts under Poser like this:


Or were you thinking of something different maybe?


True … Software specific tips surely belong in the software category, but composition, color theory, studio lighting, camera angles … things that could spread across different programs and are more general art and set-up tips would be best served in it’s own category, don’t you think? Just trying to make this more convenient for everyone.

P.S. this is a great forum set up by the way!

I think with 'Rosity in charge of future updates for Poser the program will pick up speed again and perhaps draw in past users and new users. La’Femme and L’Homme are great figures and with Dawn and Dusk 2.0 coming perhaps that will gain more positive attention. THEN areas here will begin to populate with needed and desired tips and tricks for Poser!

Gotcha! I was thinking about a Top-Level Category called “The Craft” anyway. Which would lend itself for creating a sub-category called “Theory” maybe? And one for “Tips” and another for “Tutorial”.

So something similar to this outline:

  • The Craft
    • Theory
    • Tips
    • Tutorials

Were you thinking of something along those lines?

I hope Richard! Competition is good for everyone and can only serve to make both Studio and Poser all the more better! :heart:

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That is wonderful!! I think that would be great. Thank you Michael!

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