Tool for removing unwanted things from pose files

Farconville I’m looking at you here…

I should probably just pose from scratch (Ultimate Pose Master is a great place to start), but it would be nice if there was utility that could remove unwanted expressions, etc…

Hey, does Bone Doctor do that, maybe? Or the pose automation script thing from the same vendor?

load the pose onto a figure, zero out what you don’t want and save the pose

Pose Fusion Pro I think will do that. It let’s you split up and combine poses from multiple sources.

Somewhat defeats the purpose…because there is so much crap in some of these poses that it takes multiple zeroes and voodoo to undo them.

Farconville loves his expressions. The problem with zeroing, is sometimes depending on how the expression is made, it doesn’t work, or it resets the angel of the head. I did make a quick little zero M8’s expression head thing, which works for me. Just save a pose of the head at zero, with all the non-head things unchecked so it doesn’t reset the bod when you apply it.

I think its worse than that though. Good advice, don’t get me wrong… but he uses so many pose controls and there are sometimes layers upon layers and zeroing doesn’t actually work (because he basically converts the poses from old sets to new generations and maybe tweaks them a little). Never save a pose with Pose Controls active. Always use the script to make them transforms. Its just safer that way.

I think I’ll be making my own poses from now on. Starting a set for Mike 8/Lucas 8, since all the old pose factories who made poses for different shapes and sizes are gone… somebody’s got to take up the slack.

Making poses is the way to go. Of course the way DAZ builds its software, they make saving them extremely challenging. It seems a bit of a racket to me. It would be easier to make a script to save them properly, but they don’t bother with that.

I’m still sorry I bought a ton of I13 poses when I was a newbie. There is so much similar stuff being made now.

I still rely on the i13 poses though… they are well made.