Trenton of Vacation (SpringFling2021 Entry 2)

Items Used:

  • Trenton – Face Sculpt By Me (my first one…and used Blender! Whaaat! Lol)
  • Body Morph – Multiple Random Sliders Used to achieve desired body
  • Skin – Photograph used in FaceGen CC approved Model Fair Use
  • Fraser Hair
  • CC Shave This – Anatomical Elements Hair
  • Dicktator Genetalia
  • Boardwalk FlipFlops
  • Honeymoon Outdoor Props
  • 3D Photo Scenes Swedish Beaches and Rocks Scene 4

Post Work:

  • Barely visible Rainbow added
  • Did some Level Adjustment to make things a little more vibrant
  • Worked with a Lens Filter Adjustment to change up the actual Vibe of the Final Shot
  • Added Watermark
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His face looks great. Good job.

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Thank you I appreciate it.