Tutorial: build your own 3 point light system

I’d be happier with this one if I could have included some diagrams or screenshots, but I thought it more important to go through the steps to make a reusable light system.


Thank you so much for this. I followed along to this this morning and created the asset and save it. I have ran my first render and I really do like the way the lights hit. Great tutorial and pretty easy to follow a long to which I appreciate.

I do have a question though, In your tutorial it says to open the “Shaders workspace”, which I am not 100 percent sure what you were referring to on that. I just went under the surfaces tab under each item and found the emission setting and changed it to what it should be. I did see there were a couple of Shader builder things available but they didn’t look anything like what I needed so I just went to where I knew what I was doing lol.

Anyway thanks again I’m definitely hanging on to this for sure. Here’s a pic of the render. I was in a hurry because I had to head to work so the pose isn’t the best, the head is not exactly the way I would want it, but this is just using Juan and Jepe’s Body Hair and your 3 point lighting tutorial and I did move the camera of course but did not adjust lighting and only used scene lighting (4 hour render - rendered while I was working):


Surfaces tab is what I meant for me that’s in my Shading workspace - I’ll have to rephrase to make that more clear… image

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I am so sorry, I really didn’t even think about it for some reason in my head I just assumed all of this forum was NSFW I guess. I’ll just keep the pic down, but thank you for removing it for me. But like I said thank you for the tutorial it really did come in hand and I’m glad to have it.