Unbelievably Frustrated Is there a Cart on Gumroad or Not?

I want to make 4 purchases at the EmmaAndJordi shop, but I want to put them in a cart so I can apply the coupon once to all four. Every time I click on an item, it makes me immediately purchase it rather than place it in a cart. The video showed the item being placed in a cart, but I am unable to find anything to click to accomplish this. Am I confused about how this works? I just don’t want to make a mistake and not be able to afford all four items because I used the coupon on the 1st one and it won’t work on the others. When I Google stuff on Gumroad, it only gives me creator info, not buyer info. Seems like your 1st priority should be to make sure buyers know how to purchase products on your website, not sell them. Someone please help!

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Pinging @EmmaAndJordi in case they want to chime in here but if I recall, if you DON’T check out and just go back to the store (in this case E&J’s store) you can keep adding items to your cart.

I agree it’s not the most intuitive but it’s worked for me in the past when I’ve purchased multiple items from multiple vendors.

Edit: Well bollocks. :slight_smile: It looks like Gumroad changed their shopping cart recently according to Jordi’s response below so…

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Hi Hexdrake!

Yes, you are absolutely right. It seems they changed how it works yesterday.

Now the products, instead than on a popup, open in the same page. That is ok to see the promos very big. It is also good for Google indexing. In smartphones, it also shows better.

But we contacted the [email protected] email because of the cart issue. We said that most customers purchase several items at once.

Our proposal was to add a link on the product pages to go back, or open them in a new tab instead than on the same. And bring back the shopping cart on the corner, and a link to the profile so it is easier to check your library of purchases.

They say they did this so it is easier and simpler. They say they are receiving feedback, so they may add it again if users ask for it.

For now, it seems you have to pick the products one by one. Yes, we also don’t like it. The good part is that you can still use the coupons again and again in each order you make to our store. So you can put “emmaandjordi” as coupon and get 50% off on each purchase, as long as it is active (we will tell in advance of some days before it ends).

Sorry for this annoyance. I hope enough people write to their forums and support email and they put the cart back. We are going to update the video as it is now, anyway, so it is less confusing.

If you need more help, tell us! :slight_smile:

Here is an updated video:

do you need to make an account at gumroad to purchase stuff? if not, how do you recover your downloads in the case of a hard drive crash or something like that?

I don’t think so, but I didn’t see where Gumroad said how to get your files if you didn’t make an account. I purchased through GooglePay and had an account and now the files are floating around and I haven’t heard whether or not they will be delivered to my library. If you buy something from Gumroad, I would definitely keep the file x3 backed up. I bought some items from another vendor and they managed to make it to my library. That’s what I know, hope it helps.

Please read this article of Gumroad’s help:

It is better to make an account. But it seems that as your email is recorded as buyer, when you make an account with that same email, the purchases are added to your library. If they don’t, you can email them as the page explains, and they will sort it out.

Just be sure to use the same email. If you used another one, maybe it will be harder to do. You can also create several accounts with different emails, so you can retrieve products that you purchased through a different email.

I added my purchases to my library – it easy enough once you figure it out :wink: . I used a different email that was associated with my GooglePay and a dummy account but the purchases transferred to my original account library easy enough. Still, I would take E&J’s advice, making the account is easy enough and doesn’t cost you anything. You can just login with Facebook and some other platform, Twitter maybe?

In any case, they email you the receipts – as long as you have those (you can print them to pdfs too) then they have to provide the files to you. It’s just a whole lot easier downloading from your library.

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When you check out for the first time Gumroad creates a “library” for you automatically. You can login with the Email address you use to have access to all of your purchases (after setting/ resetting your password).

They also send you an email with the download links that never expire.

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In case anyone is interested…I wrote a note to the customer service explaining why a major change in how items are bought without an announcement is not a good idea (I may have used the word idiotic or stupid) and got a message informing me my account was being suspended for security reasons. I might be upset if I was actually selling something. Apparently, when you go to the store you now buy a pack of 64 crayons one crayon at a time.

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