Unreal Engine grooms

probably pointless discussing stuff related to UE4 because it would likely be a monologue of me swearing :joy:. Since I have been ostracised from the DAZ forum I cannot readily ask there as Mods pretty much judge everything I say to be offsite non DAZ stuff even though others can post.

I am having issues with the metahuman hair distance culling and cannot find an answer anywhere, I want to actually use those grooms on my DAZ people seeing as you cannot export their precious dforce hairs as grooms.

It will not be approved on the DAZ Unreal forum if I post it so cannot ask there. I guess nobody here will know either.

I guess I need to create a Unity and/ or UE4 category. I thought I had already done that. Wish I could help luv but I’ve never spent any time in UE4 so here’s hoping someone can!

yeah not many posting in DAZ forum one even, I might be on my own here