What are the best materials for G8M Gens?

Hi everyone.

I’m surprised I’ve never thought about this before but, I’ve just done a render and noticed, though the materials for the body are top notch, the gens look really plastic.

So, what are the best materials you’ve come across for a lighter skinned G8M gens (I can tweak the exact match)?


For G8M’s native cock and balls about your only option is Texture Exchanger which makes it easy to swap textures from other figures:


But really your best bet is to ditch the G8M gens altogether and use Dicktator or another 3rd party cock.


Thanks for the reply. I think the Dicktator is only good for hardons. Even then the materials leave a lot to be desired. I looked at Texture Exchanger, but isn’t it just a way of swapping one Gens for another or adding from another? The promos for it really show what I’m getting at really. I’ve seen better Doc. Johsons. :slight_smile: I made my own texture maker in Photoshop for when I don’t have any gens, there were a couple of characters that didn’t have them like G8M base and some that had terrible stamp tool ones and the ones that look like he’s got a rash of genital warts. :smiley:

It’s for swapping textures from one figure’s gens onto your current figure.

there really are no good options for G8M’s native gens.

Have you used Dicktator? It’s not just for hardons, and it has infinitely more scalable/ morph options than G8M.

Also, take a look at Texture Wizard for Dicktator. Has many more texture options.

Cock-o-rama and has many texture options but I’ll be damned if I can get a human looking penis out of it. But for alien/ reptilian/ avian dick it can’t be beat.

Yeah got Dicktator but, when I said, it’s ‘only for hardons’ I meant that anything but hardons looks crap and the materials are still not great apart from the normals. I must admit, I did get the texture add on but, I was on meds for months, they really messed with my memory so I totally forgot that I’d bought it. I’ll have a look for it and see what I can do.



I’ve found that often times, this comes from someone that’s actually designed and put up a product for sale, you have to make sure that the material settings are just right. I am quite picky and while I don’t do nudes very often I do get where you are coming from. When I first loaded up L’Homme in Poser and loaded his genitals prop I found that same issue. There was allot of over exposed specular all over the entirety of the genitals making them look plastic. So I redid those settings and created a good morph for it and it looks quite good now. SO try fiddling with the material bump, normal and specular settings and see how that goes before investing in another prop!

It turns out I didn’t have Texture Wizard, I think I was thinking of Shellmaster. I’ve got XY too but I had forgotten that so much I’ve never used it. :rofl: I’m going to try it now.

It doesn’t have as many options as Dicktator but it’s okay. I’ve used Dicktator though for my final render. I painted in the veins and added in some general blue tones in PS. I turned down the cut out on the shell a lot too.