What are the boots in these promos? Mystery!

Street Tactical Fashion for Genesis 8 and 8.1 Male | Daz 3D

This doesn’t list boots. But it shows at least on pair in the promos, possibly three different ones.

It includes the boots. I’m looking at it now. The pants are MC hammerish and require dforce so I am running a simulation now.

When in doubt, click the readme next to the sku then look for the file_list link.

The fabric for this outfit is crazy. It looks like Batik. LOL

I didn’t realise it was a dforce outfit. Or do you mean they require dforce to make them look good? As in, they don’t look good as normal conforming?

And then refresh the readme page 14 times for it to actually show up. :roll_eyes:

The outfit is weirdly voluminous. Especially the pants. I do like it but even dforced the pants are about 30 percent bigger than they should be. With the outfit quite so big it really limits the posing since a bend will easily cause intersection… I am not a fan of dforced men’s clothing and would’ve preferred a conforming option.