What do you guys think about my daily posts?

What do you guys think about my daily posts highlighting DAZ, Rendo, and Rotica new releases?

Are they helpful?

Is there anything else you’d like to see?

How’s the format?

Is one post with a bunch of links ok or would you prefer different posts for each release?

Any criticisms? Too boring? Too repetitious?

Anybody want to target Poser or Blender? Or something else?

I’m open to any and all criticisms and suggestions!

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I like all the posts because it’s nice to see what the main stores are selling and what’s new for the day. They are definitely helpful and I love reading your commentary on them. I would say that a basic pic for the releases would be nice (not necessary just a nice addition) so that way maybe we could see the product if the name doesn’t really tell us much about what it looks like and it would save us an a trip if it’s not something we are interested in, but that could be a lot of extra work so like I said…just a bonus but not necessary for sure.

It’s become a daily routine for me :slight_smile:

I like them :slight_smile: Only thing I can say is that I’d love to see more of your snarky comments on each one ha ha I always have a giggle when you comment on the “cookie cutter beautiful european figure” that all look the same :slight_smile:

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They are useful, particularly for Renderosity. It’s easy enough to keep track of the new DAZ releases, but I haven’t seen anywhere else that lists the new items on Renderosity each day, and it’s easy to overlook stuff. Thank you.

Besides, how else would I keep track of all the “new, young, European female characters” that come out every day?

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I was afraid I was starting to sound unprofessional with the snarkiness but I can definitely turn that up. :slight_smile:

I can post a picture I think. The challenge is though then the first picture I post becomes the default cover photo for the post. Have to think carefully then which one to post.

Thanks for the thoughts and suggestions. I appreciate them!

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I like them, read them everyday as part of my “I’ve finshed work for the day” routine!

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I’m always here for a little snark, although there’s a fine balance between being snarky and being mean-spirited. Every piece of content that comes out does represent a lot of hard work on someone’s part, and I don’t think you’d want to mock that or send a creator away crying ("He didn’t like my new young European female! "). But I think poking gentle fun at trends – the endless cavalcade of NYEF’s – is probably fair game.

Speaking of hard work, listing and linking everything must take you a while. Thank you for all the effort you put into the daily round-ups.

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Yeah. I really am trying not to be mean. There’s a lot of things where I could say something more will just state the facts because I don’t want to come across as more of an asshole than I already do sometimes.

At the same time this is my opinion and everyone has a different opinion. What I like, someone probably hates (and vice-versa). So yeah. Fine line.

But yeah, I’m definitely going to continue to go, “Oh look! Another new, young, European, female character for G8F…” because Jesus Christ!

But I don’t do that for every new female character. Sometimes a character I think is unique enough or special enough where I don’t think that’s warranted. And it’s not like I don’t buy female characters myself. But yeah I’m getting much more selective myself.

I will buy most bundles if they’re for a genre I work in. (I don’t do any fantasy or historical/ pre 20th Century pieces). I’m a huge bundle buyer. If I can afford it. Because even if I may not have an immediate use for something in the bundle, odds are I will in the future and I might as well buy something when its heavily discounted than pay closer to full price after.

But I’ll also buy something if I can easily transform it into something different. I really like redoing the textures and materials on clothing and applying Iray fabric shaders to stuff to make a more unique piece.

Anyway, I’m rambling. Thanks for the feedback! I really appreciate it!

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