What does your Studio workspace look like?

Hi everyone!

I love it when artists post screen shots of their works in progress and you can get a glimpse of their Studio workspace. I’m always looking for ideas to maybe help improve my workflow and some of the Studio workspaces I’ve seen are simply incredible!

So I thought it might be fun for us to share screen shots of our DAZ Studio interface/ workspace!

Have you customized your workspace? Are you using Hollywood Boulevard? Full Service? Self Serve? Or maybe perhaps City Limits?

DAZ Studio is infinitely customizable. One of the first things I like to do when I install it on a brand new machine is set up my Studio in a way that works with my workflow.

So I present to you my Studio workspace:

What does your’s look like? Feel free to share a screen shot of your workspace below.

This is what mine looks like, It’s a customised version of one of Emma & Jordi’s

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Is that a Golden Ratio render frame? And I see I’m not the only one who lives by the rule of thirds, either. :rofl:

Yep, I use it all the time :smile:

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Pretty basic for me


Since some of my dialogs are on the other monitor I had to use Photoshop to get it all into one image. L’Homme is blue because I use that color to check for poke throughs when I’m creating clothing!


Wait so you can load L’homme into Studio? I thought that was just a Poser figure! :open_mouth:

Just a static version. I use this to go back and forth between ZBrush and DS and then export my works via the Poser export option from within DS. I had allot of issues with Poser doing that sort of work so this way it just works. Same with making morph targets I want to import to Poser. There is a bug in Poser or it may be that Poser isn’t supporting Unimesh technology yet so from what I’ve been told that’s mostly the issue for allot of problems content creators experience in Poser. So hopefully they will get that resolved eventually, I’m really hoping for that to happen in Poser 12 but I don’t hold my breath. In the mean time this work just fine!

That just sounds sacriligious. :slight_smile: The DAZ gods must be reeling. :slight_smile:

Fuck 'em! LOL

Oh dear, you have a minimum on the text. Can you fix that?

I could, but I like it. It’s to stop people from just replying with “ok” or “ikr”. :slight_smile:

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