What Genesis Character is this?

Browsing through the list of endless “Buy 8 of these for $2.99” I came across this outfit Onyx for Genesis Male well some of it’s add-ons of course, and I am not 100 percent sure who the character is in the photo because he’s adorable and I do love the outfit. I was thinking it was one of Jepe’s characters but not sure, I also like the hair too. I really wish people would at least state the character or other main objects they are using in promo pictures when they are selling stuff.

Also a random question. Is there a site that just has a listing of all available Characters (preferably male but one that would have both would be cool) listed under their version etc? I am assuming there is somewhere?

I started to compile a list but quickly became overwhelmed with the sheer number. Keep in mind some PAs have their own custom characters they use for promos though this one does look familiar. I just can’t place him, sorry.