What has the future in store after the Victoria and Michael 8.1 release?

I’m really start to wonder what’s in store for the future after the Victoria and Michael 8.1 release. Already there’s new clothes, new expressions for the 8.1 range. Honestly I don’t feel like starting over again. Buying new stuff solely made for the new generation of models. I think I’ve spent enough money already on G3 and G8 as it is. My hard drives are packed to the limit with all the rest of the stuff. I simply won’t buy another Hard Drive just to make space for the 8.1 generation. Enough IS enough.

I would honestly hold off and wait a few months before going hog wild into the new 8.1 characters. Zev0 or RiverSoftArt are bound to release scripts to convert poses, expressions, and morphs to and from G8 and G8.1. Unless you absolutely need the new features. Other than the new face rigging I’m not seeing much new that worth me switching completely to the new versions.

The next model set I plan to invest in is Gen X. Until then I’ll live off the converters from G8. I’ll buy the bases but I won’t be investing in 8.1 like I did with Gen 8.

I think the release of G8.1-Male was a big dud. No figures. No new characters a couple of hairs. Weak.

I think this is all just to sell more female content. I suspect that there will be even less male content now.

When Michael 7 and 8 were released there were tons more content. Now it is just a momentary blip in the All Vicky show.

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Another thing that strikes me a bit hypocritical. DAZ3D as well as lots of other similar companies, (except Renderotica of course), have a stern politic against all pornographic material. Oh, they’re so f-ing self righteous when it comes to that matter.

In all this I feel there’s an abundance of such prohibitions in most DAZ-forums and galleries. You can’t display a nude body in any gallery (except DeviantArt of course). Still you start up with a nude one in DAZ Studio (?!). Is it far fetched to say, that already there lies a temptation to do what the same company are telling you not to, albeit this being told between the lines, so to say??

– Yeah, we start off with nudes but you can not put them on display at the same company who’re making them…

Also, no one seems to object, or say the least about PA’s selling stuff that can give your models a fifteen inch penis or a female organ you can tuck the same into (!?!). Even the righteous DAZ provide you with different sort of breasts, which to me are ridiculously BIG. You don’t have to be an Einstein to figure out which category they’re aiming at. Namely those who are into 3D porn. Period. Why not being upfront and honest about it then?!? But instead you’re served a somewhat sleazy dish of morals. Like:

- OK, we’ve given you the tools but YOU’RE the one who’s stepping over the line if you use them".

In Generation 8.1 you can shift male and female organs between the models. This, so you can make, the now so popular “she-male”. A girl, still with breasts, but with a penis and vice versa. So here they give them the tools, but condemn them later, for doing what you’ve already prepared for them. How contradictory is that on a scale to ten?? We gave the stuff to you, but you’re responsible for what you, on the other hand, do with it. We at DAZ, on the other hand, will firmly deny having anything to do with it…

- Can I have an Amen please?

Site owners all over the Internet, seem to take pride in big signs proclaiming “We don’t do Porn”. As if they await The Pope’s blessing or an extra gallon of Holy Water in return. To me it’s similar to leave a loaded gun outside a convenient store, just to arrest the one who falls for the temptation and goes in to rob the store. Get the analogy here?!!?

I disagree with the accusation of hypocrisy. Nudity is not porn. Nudity is not erotic. Nudity is nothing more than an absence of clothing. But don’t think that means Daz doesn’t want people to make porn. Daz wants people to make porn. They want people to make anything as long as they buy the products.

Every showcase has rules. Maybe Daz has to be prudish because they’re based in Utah. Remember Daz started as a medical model design company. So anatomically correct has always been their thing. Anatomically exaggerated is what sells. They just don’t want to be obvious about supporting porn creation because reputation is money. But anyone paying attention knows their biggest market is people making their own erotica and their own porn.

“She-male” is a porn industry word. Daz supports people making transgender models because transgender is a real portion of the population and is underrepresented in the arts and everywhere. Again, though, Daz supports the creation of porn as well as the creation of art with artistic nudity. Transgender people can be the subject of art as much as anyone. Maybe Daz is calling it inclusion - because it is. It really is the customer who is choosing what to do with it. Daz is awesomely not setting limits on what their products can do so they are not restricting artistic freedoms beyond what they want as the face of their brand- their storefront, which includes their galleries. When people stop feeling guilt/shame at buying erotic bits to create art, daz may become more obvert about selling to the erotica creators. For now, let them allow their customers to shop in a comfortable environment.

Even here on this site, where we exist to allow freedom to post whatever, (as long as its legal) we still restrict most areas to non-porn. Nudity is not porn. And I’m not a hypocrite for posting nudity that is. It is what you make of it.

Also a lot of DAZ PAs and even employees are quite prolific in the 3DX scene. They themselves are pumping out porn faster than ever.

But also keep in mind that the DAZ Blender Bridge, which DAZ bought from Mitchy’s Daz2Blender script he used to sell on Gumroad, specifically will NOT let you use any Geometry Shells from Renderotica. They are explicitly excluded from being able to be brought over from Studio into Blender.

Which is why most 3DX artists still only use DiffieMorphic’s scripts. Which by the way DAZ wanted to buy FIRST and not Mitchy’s script since it was so much better (and more complete) but DiffieMorphic and DAZ had a communication breakdown and the deal fell through.

Most sites that take any sort of payment don’t allow nudity because they don’t want to run afoul of PayPal and the Credit Card processors. It’s really PayPal that’s dictating all this censorship. Not DAZ.

And nudity is welcome here by the way. :slight_smile: And I’ve tried to provide a venue for everybody. Even the porn. Even though this is not a porn site and I don’t want it to become one. But even porn is art and if someone goes through the effort to create something they should have a place to share it.

But I’m not taking any money from anybody so PayPal can fuck right off as far as I care.

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Won’t waver here. I feel there’s lot of hypocrisy, which was the target of my post. Not the transgender people. That is to make a classical “straw man argument”. I have no issues with transgender people. That was never my aim. What I do have an issue with, is providing people with the tools and then forbid them to show the art they’ve made using the named tools. Think I wrote that quite plainly… this without sounding as a rude reply on your answer. And yes. Nudity isn’t porn… so what’s the big issue then??

You know, I think it’s so funny… according to some statistics, The US is responsible for 70% of the world’s porn production. Still they can’t allow people to swear on television and interviews. Then there’s this “BEEEP”. Still all I have to do, is to go to the movie theatre and watch an American movie, where I think every third word is “Fuck!!”. Americans have in my view a kind of double standard here. That kind of stand is visible in the 3D world as well.

you most certainly can swear on television. you just can’t do it on the public air waves. but you’re free to swear all you want on satellite or cable. same for radio.

the FCC doesn’t want swearing on the public airwaves because they don’t want children to be exposed to it.

even the UK doesn’t allow swearing on television until after 9PM at night which OfCom over there figures most small kids are in bed by then.

and just about every country has movie ratings. You’re only allowed one “fuck” in a movie in the US for it to be rated PG-13. more than one “fuck” and it’s an automatic “R” rating.

different cultures, different standards.

George Carlin though says it best: https://youtu.be/vbZhpf3sQxQ

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Then you are over thirty years behind Sweden. Here they swear all the time on TV and public radio. At least in the youth channels. When thinking about it, the children learn this at home already. I hear Brits swearing all the time in movies and interviews. This also without this characteristic phoney “beep”. But that aside shows a bit about the hypocrisy… I was trying to talk about. Perhaps it’s spread all over the American society? Here, we shrug our shoulders and leave it. Just regard it as lack of lingual alternatives. Nothing more. In the US it seems to be a BIIIIG DEAL. Oh by the way… if that’s so then Robert DeNiro ought to be rated “R”. He swears all the time in his movies.

Dude… America is so far behind Europe and the rest of the World on just about everything. We literally just got tap-to-pay with our credit cards last year and chip-and-PIN (without the PIN) the year before!

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Thanks for the reply and for the patience you all are showing with my “rants”… sorry… promise to behave.

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Daz store is pretty conservative and in a religious conservative state. The new management I hear are more open minded which is why we now have openly lgbtq content and they are producing more diverse stuff.

I don’t see a mature site or mature turn in their future. They appear to be barely seem to handle their current business model as it is.

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