What is your favorite plugin for Studio?

What is your favorite plugin/ script/ add-on for DAZ Studio?

I’ll go first. :slight_smile: For me it’s Mesh Grabber. This has become a primary part of my workflow whether I’m working with dForce, trying to simulate soft-body collisions, or fixing poke-through it’s an absolute must-have.

So what is your favorite? And why? :smiley:

Mentioned here and below:

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I’m a big fan of SkinBuilder, though its supposedly a merchant resource, the skin is pretty much the same base everytime. Still useful to make a character less out-of-the-box. Unfortunately no skin-builder for males. I love breastacular. But my favorite is the photoshop bridge. I got Mesh Grabber last month and haven’t gotten in the habit of using it yet. I like what it can do, but since I’ve been doing mostly nudes and breastacular has handled the soft tissue interactions, I haven’t needed Mesh Grabber.


I have 2 that I use on a regular basis, the 1st one if Visual Menus & then 2nd is Look At Me II Pose control.

I’m patiently waiting for the Mac version of Mesh Grabber which is currently being worked on


Awesome responses guys! I’ve updated my OP with links to the tools to help others find them if they’re interested in them as well!

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I missed one :stuck_out_tongue: Content Wizard by RiverSoftArt

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I’m the same. Look at me II ( I said, why didn’t you use look at me ‘too’. He said, ‘Oh, I didn’t think of that!’) Daz Studio 4 Scene tools set1. I am literally using all the time because i do a lot of exporting back and forth between Daz and other apps so switching off everything but what I’ve selected is great especially when you’ve got 100 things in your scene then All On. I wish you could tell it not to switch off spots but, I’ve worked around that. I’d love Mesh grabber but I’m on a Mac. I probably would used ST’s Set 2 for posing but, it’s always been in my cut list when I shop.

How could I have missed that one! :slight_smile:

Added! :slight_smile: Thanks!