What other really sloppy design drives you nuts?

You’d think PA’s going to all that trouble to make props, you’d think that they’d stop for one second to look at the real thing, the thing they’re trying to pass off their prop as.

Where do they they think rigging goes here with this At Sea Vignette? OK I don’t have a problem with the rigging ending 5 meters off the deck but, what is the rigging supposed to be attached to? This would drive me nuts. if you could move the grid/vent to below deck fine, I’d add in a mast, but… It makes me think, if they’re this sloppy with something so obvious what else am I going to find when I really look at it?

What other really sloppy design drives you nuts?

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and all those people who post in the forum defending their “artistic choices” :joy_cat:


Some of my biggest pet peeves:

  • Enclosed interior rooms with doors with a large enough gap between the bottom of the door and the floor where the outside HDRI shines through under the door like something out of Poltergeist.
  • Sets and props not scaled to a typical DAZ Studio character.
  • No bathroom in an apartment or house. Come on! This isn’t Star Trek.
  • A set that claims to be of architecture in the US but has European electrical outlets.
  • Non-fantasy-themed women’s clothes that are just down right impractical.
  • Not every female has big ass tits but most clothes assume so.
  • More lingerie than I can shake a stick at but not that many clothes I could dress G8F in if I wanted to take her out for a cup of coffee and everyone not assuming she was an escort.
  • More male poses. More male props. More male everything. So many lesbian relationships and lesbian futa relationships. Not enough men. Though it’s getting much better.
  • Non-mammalian creatures with nipples, breasts, and belly-buttons.



FYI I’m moving this to the #product-reviews category since it’s not specifcally talking about DAZ Studio the software.

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:smiley: The last one. :rofl:

Yeah, the random prop scaling really drives me nuts too. I just don’t buy those. My other half and I worked for a top end Furniture store so I really notice these things.

And don’t get me started on Trees. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :joy:

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Oh, well, the forum. I don’t think we’d be here if the forum at Daz wasn’t such a hell hole.

“I messed up with my UV when making some clothes, inported into Daz set it all up with JCM’s etc., shared it with my client and then noticed the materials on the cuffs was out of scale. How can I import a new UV into Daz without having to start from scratch?”

Answer: “What did you make the clothes in? I can’t believe you can’t fix the UV in any software that can make clothes.”

Reply: “Yeah totally unbelievable that an Industry Standard software can’t fix a UV. I should be asking in the forum of the software company where I have the problem shouldn’t I?” :rofl:

I didn’t see it or would have replied you can load a new UV obj under the little striped hamburger menu top right of the the surface tab :grinning: each surface can have multiple UV’s.

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No, there was a sane person who answered too. :joy:

My main niggles are the disconnect between DS and Poser!

On missing bathrooms, half they time there is a toilet but no lid or the toilet is some weird ass shape that wouldn’t even support a regular person’s body shape, maybe Big Bertha or one of the other Butt Sisters but not a normal sized person. If I were doing interiors I’d be so on the little details. But alas I’m more of a content maker that likes making stuff for the human figures.


… know what I miss in G8M props or clothes - SHOES!! Usually they’re included in the clothes but they still lack of style and design. Some even look like the kind of boots you’d take while working on a construtction site…

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I have enough shoes from other outfits that I can kitbash that I’m not too worried if there’s no shoes. I only have about 4 pairs of shoes I use regularly IRL myself. :slight_smile:

Well… guess I haven’t found those outfits. Otherwise I’m also into kitbashing. Still think the ones I’ve found are truly unappealing. Compared to G8F where there’s a plethora of alternatives. But I recall you pointed that out before… didn’t you?!

  • Big windows with an HDRI doing some of the marketing for the set, but no included HDRI.
  • Furniture that doesn’t scale properly for the figure. IE. A chair that is too low, with a back too high etc,
  • Unisex hair made for ‘men’ but sporting female hair lines
  • Outfits designed for men, with no place to put an actual groin area bulge. I mean so tight, they usually have some sort of clampdown there. *Hidden emissive, such as windows, roof etc. *Super large textures that make no sense… Such as monstrously large textures for eyelashes *Dforce as a substitute for fitting morphs. Dont mind it included as an option, but relying on force to fit clothing means, I tend to pass on outfits made that way. HDRI’s which resize my view port, and set my render settings.
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