What's new at DAZ3D for January 12, 2021

What’s new at DAZ3D for January 12, 2021

Other than the loft set most of today’s offerings look “meh”.

Thanks for your reviews I admit to being curious what happened to their pro bundles. I wonder if they’ve put them on the back burner because of the incoming Gen 8 upgrade. Or perhaps their frenetic schedule was to release all the old pending ones before the new figure hit?

Also, the store has had a month of barely anything for the guys.

I need to start adding a :roll_eyes: emoji to every new G8F character released. I mean for crying out loud. And people wonder why it takes 10 minutes to load up G8F when they fire up Studio.

I’m calling out the products (the images) that I think are new, unique, or otherwise interesting. That I think are something different than what we’ve seen before.

Glad you’re finding the posts useful. Been meaning to do something like this for a while now.

I thought of doing one highligting new “free stuff” at ShareCG and Rendo and the like but there’s just so… much… crap… to sift through it would take me hours.

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think OOT has run out of names for their hairs? :rofl: :rofl:

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